Inspirations: March 2017

As I adventure through browser-land, I screenshot things that inspire me, this is an attempt to catalogue some of those things

Jewellery designer Lily Kamper, and designer extraordinaire Camille Walala share their pictures from Japan. And some patterned courgettes.

Sophosphotos brutalist sketches / The Kyoto face house at The Barbican Japanese House exhibition / Studio Arhoj

Crustacean artworks by Emily Peacock for xstitchmag / baobap prawn pin / ladyaxolotl on Instagram

Jontifski does Hockney / supermundane (Rob Lowe) does Carnaby / give Matt Blease a big hand

The Importance of Music to Girls by Lavinia Greenlaw / Snowflake Pin by type-fiend Jessica Hische / unattributed poster

Mr Bingo the legend / sad creature by Oksana_pero

Cecile Dormeau / Stitchezwithattitude / Phillip Morgan via handderawnquartered on Instagram.


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