Inspirations: May 2017

As I adventure through browser-land, I screenshot things that inspire me, this is an attempt to catalogue some of those things

Spoons (top) and purses by Sunny Todd via Instagram. Washington Post magazine cover by Steve Wilson.

Apparently Edwardo Paolozzi did textile design (this has blown my tiny mind). These clothes by Lanvin on display at Whitechapel Gallery. These pics courtesy of Rainbow Vintage Home.

Photo by Phil Cuttance. Ceramic by Mica Demarquez aka Mimi ceramics. Instastory by Charlotte Mei, plate by Chiechihiro.

Billy Childish via Gretchen Andrew. American Gothic, with it’s models (via Reddit). Dame Viv.

Via Tom Whitwell. Miss Cakehead at Whinkworth Arbouritum. And Mr Bingo.

Jean Jullien. Maruti Bitamink. Rachel Levit Ruiz. Bart Griffioen. Lauren Tamaki.

Sarah Andersen. Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba via Grace Woodward. Grayson Perry artist pot by Alice Sickling via Soma Gallery.

Zoe Murphy design at colourlaine Artists Open Houses in Brighton via Heidi Plant.

Coup tees set up by Ben the Illustrator donate proceeds from all of their t-shirt designs to charity, this is by Ed Davis for Mind, buy it on Threadless.

I love moquette! From London Transport Museum shop.

Via Feminist Fight Club on Instagram.

Via Sophie Atkins on Instagram. The Stewartby Chimneys are massive historical importance in Bedford near where I grew up. I couldn’t bear to see them pulled down in the name of more Bovis Homes or other such rubbish.

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