Weeknotes S01 Ep08

Fuzzy dogfood

This week has mostly been brought to you by migraines. It’s been a fuzzy, busy one. Still, on reflection, a productive week.

On Sunday night I had a migraine so it was good that I had planned to work from home on Monday. I had to help eat that dogfood I mentioned in Ep06 and I wasn’t sure how long it would take.

In reality it wasn’t bad as there were only two suppliers to review and not too many statements to score.

I spent the rest of the day on emails and trying to get to the bottom of another “emerging story”. This one has veered from is a digital project, to isn’t, back to is and then to isn’t again; as a result of confusion and problems with language.

It’s taken a lot of effort to get to the bottom of, and I’m still not 100% sure it won’t veer back, so I will have to keep an eye on it. However, I did learn what a MOOC was, and got to use it heavily in emails which was pleasing.

No, not Moog — oh never mind.

As I’m part of the Civil Service Shadow Board I was asked to help sift and score the nominations for this years Civil Service Awards, for our Perm Sec’s category. I had an invite come through for the moderation session, a Friday.

I really love emailing people to tell them I don’t work on a Friday, especially when they work in a Private Office.

Me: I work part time, Them: You what, mate?

So yep #inclusion.

Tuesday morning Michele called for some advice, then I had a hangout about Dogfood, followed immediately by a catch up with Chris. Chris is helping me help a stakeholder to write a Privacy Impact Assessment. It’s useful because I’ll be able to give better feedback next time which will speed things up for the stakeholders I’m working with.

Then I chatted with Luke, and had about half an hour to myself before heading into a programme board meeting. Afterwards, I did a readout, ate some lunch, and I did some more emails.

I had to leave early because: childcare, and on the way home I worked with Dan to get our “search for a mentor” blogs finished, published and linked to one another. It was really good to work on this with Dan.

If you’re reading this and you think you might fancy being my mentor, or just meeting to have a chat, that would be awesome and you can read more here.

Dan is also looking for someone to help him, I haven’t known him long but I can tell you he’s pretty awesome, so you should go here and see if you fancy mentoring him too.

On Tuesday evening I was due to Meet Rosie to have a gin and talk about mentoring, but I had to leave early to get the toddler from nursery, and had messed up my dates — grr. Hopefully we can rearrange soon.

On Wednesday morning I woke at 4am with another migraine; codeine and 2 hours sleep weren’t enough to shake it off before I had to get up and head into work. I felt fuzzy all day.

I’m having one too, House.

I was late again for One Team Gov breakfast club, but it was still good and useful to be part of. Because I’m always late, I’m hoping that someone will start doing a readout, because 1. working in the open, and also 2. because then I’ll know what I missed in the first half hour. I also got added to the Trello board which I’ve been meaning to do for a while #microaction.

Then I had a catch up with Paul about making improvements to our Intranet, then a hangout with Conall and a stakeholder. I was late for lunch, which sparked another migraine, so I headed into the ABLE network meeting in the afternoon unable to see.

I probably should have gone home but had plans for the evening. I arrange trips for our team to go and see exhibitions; it’s called Culture Club which is original and hilarious.

So far, we have been to Designer, Maker, User at the Design Museum, an interactive digital installation at Pace Gallery, and to the Wellcome Collection’s permanent exhibit.

On Wednesday night we got absolutely drenched going to Grayson Perry’s “The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!” (which reminds me of 90’s compilation tapes and is also original and hilarious).

“Super expensive knick-knacks against fascism” A selection of pictures of the exhibition.

If anyone reading this happens to know Greyson could you ask him to be my best friend please? The exhibition featured a few pieces I’d seen before at the British Museum, like his motorbike and the above rusty sculpture, but there were also pieces from the “All Man” Channel 4 show which is was really good, I highly recommend the accompanying book.

Afterwards we headed to the pub but I had an apple juice and headed home straight after because I really needed to get to bed.

On Thursday morning I had a meeting with Joe and Luke to talk about strategic Jira use. Then I had a slightly infuriating call with a stakeholder.

On this call the stakeholder told me that they were waiting for a response from Team X (not my team though I work with them occasionally). This was delaying their work, and they weren’t sure what was needed to unblock it.

I’m not sure how they tried to resolve it with Team X, but for some reason they contacted someone at GDS, who put them in touch with me. They were unhappy with Team X, and then they were unhappy with me, because I wasn’t empowered to make Team X do stuff more quickly for them.

I know Chloe / Jessica Jones, I know.

Thursday afternoon I had a meeting with a team about their website which needs some love and also needs a service assessment because it’s somehow never had one — eek.

And that’s my week, except, no wait. I spent my Friday nursing a poorly toddler so I was able to write a little blog for OneTeamGov which you can find here.

Things I’ve read this week:

And this, which I’m trying to get better at.

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