Inspirations: September

As I adventure through browser-land, I screenshot things that inspire me, this is an attempt to catalogue some of those things

Today’s lead inspiration is brought to you by Rico aka @giantrat. Here are some more of his shots…

There seems so be a slight lack of colour this month and a distinct sweary theme. Winter is coming. Apologies in advance.

Lettergetter / Kyle_Goodhood

Via Selfish Mother / Katherine Beefheart

Hellilja / UXlubes

From the book Thin Slices of Anxiety by Catherine Lepage

Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk by Danielle Krysta / Zurich 90s gig poster / The Meek Shall

Ann Tilley

PM illustration / David Shrigley


Tom Bob NYC

From The Practical Implications of Immortality by Matthew Dooley

Nick Cave Mercy on Me by Reinhard Kieist

Jessica Hische puts my chalk patio doodles to shame.

Till next time.

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