You’re allowed to be nosy…

Taking my own advice.

Some time ago I wrote a blog called “Three reasons why you should come to OneTeamGov breakfast club”. In it, I talked about being unashamedly nosey or rather, curious.

Earlier in my career I spent a lot of time inviting myself to other people’s meetings. Things that had nothing to do with me. Meetings with senior stakeholders. Meetings about subjects that I had no idea about.

I called myself nosey, but that’s disingenuous, I was curious. If something sounded interesting, I wanted to know what it was about. Over time, I started to contribute more as I started to learn and form my own opinions.

I currently work part-time, and, where once I would have childcare duties I now have a free day each week. Rather than go back to work full time I’ve decided I’d like to use that day to “invite myself to things that have nothing to do with me” just like when I started out.

So today, I posted this on Twitter:

I had lots of responses and offers which is brilliant, and as a result I’ll be spending Monday with Dan and his team at the Parliament Digital Service.

But I’d like to do more.

I‘ve been in the civil service for 2.5 years and only in my current department, but I am a Civil Servant, which to me means that I work across the board. I want to acknowledge that in my work, learn some stuff, and if I can, contribute to your team.

I know from meeting some of the weeknoters and other people outside of my immediate context just how useful it is to get a different viewpoint. So I’d like to learn from you, and if helpful, offer my skills and experience back. For a day. For free.

I don’t have an ulterior motive, I’m just being nosy [1]

Over the next few weeks I have the following dates free:

Friday 13th October

Monday 16th October — At Parliament Digital Service

Monday 23rd October

Friday 3rd November

Friday 10th November **Birthday interlude**

Any day w/c 13th November

Any day w/c 20th November

If you’re doing something interesting at another time then please let me know and make any suggestions. I’d love to hear them.

You can comment here, or find me on Twitter.

Big thanks to Dan who read this for me before I posted it, and for recommending Simon Wilson’s awesome blog which absolutely chimes with what I hope to achieve:

[1] Caveat: I obviously reserve the right to write about some of it in my weeknotes, depending on activities. I hope that’s ok.

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