Weeknotes S02 Retrospective

So, what’s the point of all this then?


Total Words: 11,406 (2,565 less than S01)

Most used words: people (42) team (59) good (54) thinking (35)

Most mentions: Dan (17! Thats 1.7 appearances per episode)

Made using tag crowd and scribbled on with my apple pencil.

Most read: Episode 7

Least read: Episode 3 (but has a great link to an article about Thomas the Tank Engine in it, so you should go back and read it now)

Readership: low, between 22–44 actual Medium-recorded reads, or 44–85 “views” I’m not a rockstar weeknoter, such as the likes of @jukesie or Dan. And I’m ok with that. I think…

People: about 12 super engaged people who always clap, comment and highlight which is awesome. I’m really grateful to have created a little peer group here. So yeah, I am ok with that.

Twitter: approximately 100 additional followers since S01.

Spin off blogs: 8 in total covering Policy School, Being Nosy, Mental Health and more.

Ain’t too proud to beg

I am very needy so I also asked for feedback about my weeknotes using a little Google poll. Thank you to the 9 anonymous people who responded.

Here’s the quant:

  • Everybody thought that my weeknotes are generally the right length
Included this pie chart because it makes me laugh every time, and speaks to my awful data skills perfectly.
  • The bits people most enjoyed are the writing generally (thank you) and the Lessons section (with 6 votes each).
  • In a close second in popularity are Achievements, Highlights and Finding out about other interesting people (with 4 votes each).
Actually I’m lying, 5 people said they come for the gifs. But we all knew that didn’t we?
  • Least popular were the Ideas for Blogs and Read/Watched/Listened sections (with 2 votes each)

Heres the qual:

People gave some great feedback, here my faves:

Might be worth giving yourself a deadline for ‘ideas/things I’m thinking about’. I used to keep a big long list of ‘stuff I want to do’ and after a while I found it counter productive. It became mental clutter that just drifted from week to week. I now have a much more ruthless ‘do something about it or forget it’ approach.

It does bother me and I’ve been acutely aware of it. I wanted to try and bring people into my orbit and see if I could work more collaboratively with people, I think the format fell short towards the end of the series.

Plus, Medium might not be the right place for that, so I’m going to think of a better way to manage it.

You’ve struck a good balance between specific vs abstract and work vs life.

Thank you, I’m glad that’s working.

So my point is — you, Neil and a few others have included me in weeknotes so I want to tell you that I will pass the baton onto others.

Best comment ever, thank you!

Plan for next week(note)

I’m going to take a break for a while over December and possibly some of January and think about when to restart with S03.

The new year looks likely to bring me some new challenges and I’ll have to have a think about how I can write about them, if I can write about them.

I hope I can still write about them.

In terms of weeknote format I like what I’ve used in S02, it forced me to have more brevity and to think more about what I’d achieved rather than just what I did.

But I will tweak it for S03. I think it will look more like this:

  • Overarching feeling of the week
  • Achievements
  • Highlights
  • Lessons
  • Random ideas (and what I plan to do about them)
  • I also plan to put more information in about other interesting people rather than just mentioning them in passing. Not sure how I will do that but I have some ideas.

So that’s it, end of S02. Thanks for coming along with me!

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