Inspirations January 2018

Stuff goes here

Quite a bright start all things considered. Lots of yellow to brighten up a January. Or perhaps as a reaction to the grey…

(Top/Bottom, Left/Right) Emily Coxhead, Wheresmejumper, via Fourth Trimester Magazine, the amazingly talented and brilliant Paul Thurlby, via Mother London, Donna Wilson and Katie Abey.

A great little video via BBC Arts.

Style shots courtesy of LF Markey and Bobo Chooses, Tom J Newell’s awesome portrait of Mark E. Smith, Adam Frint, Huwtgriff.

Mark E. Smith RIP.

Now for something a little more political…

David Shrigley, Guerrilla Gurls, Rachael House, Schindermania has been creating needlework art if Trump’s list of banned words, and Pete Fowler has done some immense Trump iPad art.

See you in February!

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