Inspirations: February 2018

Design, illustration and photography tidbits

[top] Seb Lester. I love Seb Lester but I especially love him when he is being sweary.

Not much colour this month. Maybe it’s because of all the snow…

The inimitable Vivienne Westwood / slogan via Everydaylivingincolour / Tatty Devine

An amazing house via 4theloveoftoys / The Queen and Anna Wintour at London Fashion Week via The Pool / Lily Kamper bespoke engagement rings (also at LFW).


Moncler at LFW with a Futurist Handmaids Tale type thing / Moonrisewhims with a steampunk dystopian thing.

Heidi Plant / Via One We Made Earlier

Ben the Illustrator for Girls who Grind coffee / Donna Wilson / and Sewkate’s awesome “Resist” jumper.

I need this in my life, via Jealous London

Modern Toss / David Shrigley

Bad machinery.

And finally, the beast from the east.

Lithograph by Gail Brodholt

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