Inspirations: April 2018

Art, Design and Illustration tidbits

[Top] ClortyCatCrafts

Colour: Katie Abey

Colour: Rebecca Strickson

Colour: Ian Stevenson / Paul Thurlby

More colour: Xenobia Bailey, US fine artist, via WomensArt

Yucky: Petri Dish Crochet by Elin Thomas via WomensArt/ Connah

Colourful wool: both, Jujujust

Nature: Kettles Yard taken by Vickyfa. The window was painted with chalk from the white cliffs of dover by the artist Cornelia Parker.

Birdhouse: Switchopen. He designed my wedding invites dontcha know.

Girls: Stickymonger / A Girl is a Half-formed Thing by Eimear McBride I’ve just listened to this on Audible and it was honestly one of the most beautiful, visceral things I’ve ever listened to / Madeinchynna I’ve got a black hole in my mind zine.

Designer bags y’all: Guccy by Gucci (wrong that I kinda love this? Very wrong that I couldn’t possibly afford it) / On the other hand a handpainted Goyard tote by Jen Mussari.

Thanks, see you next month.

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