Inspirations: May 2018

Art, design and illustration tidbits

[Top] image by Worm London

A lovely mixture of Gemma Correll for Mental Health America and pattern play and sausage dogs by Alice Apple.

Beautiful things by Marni Market.

Oh Hey Girl Store styling / I can’t remember who did this but it’s a representation of Estonia’s entry in Eurovision which was part of #draweurovision on Twitter / Spencer Hibert skate deck.

Akris x Girard Studio dress via Dittohouse. I would wear this (if I was a bit thinner and could afford it) with these Marks and Sparks shoes of dreams.

The Beast Brothers skull / cookery book jackets designed by Edward Bawden (via The Guardian).

Rebecca Strickson / Aorists / Harri Golightly

Julia Bernhard

Top-left, I absolutely can’t remember the artist of the first picture but when I do I will update this. Top-right, Remember Hope and Greenwood? They had a sweet company and also a show on the BBC, well I loved that show. They also sell antiques and things under the name Barnstar which is an Instagram worth following.

Bottom-left, David Shrigley, and bottom-right, I giggled over this for a long time. A pic of The Royal Academy by Memphishennessy.

And finally…

This absolute gem by Freddiemade, via Man Repeller.

Till next time!

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