#MyOneTeamGov rollcall

“By promoting diversity I believe OneTeamGov makes it more likely that the civil service will do right by citizens” Prateek Buch.

One Team Gov is made up of proactive and enthusiastic professionals who care deeply about making government more effective, here are just a few of our stories…

Reflections on #OneTeamGovGlobal by Mike Rose

Mike speaks eloquently about the work he has done at DEFRA and about working in a team to bring about real cultural change as well as that One Team Gov means to him.

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#MyOneTeamGov by ktmcneil

ktmcneil works for the CivTech programme in the Digital Directorate of the Scottish Government and is part of the organising team for One Team Gov Scotland.

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#MyOneTeamGov -United States of America

Julie works in the White House Office of Management and Budget and here, tells us why she is attending #OneTeamGovGlobal.

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#MyOneTeamGov — Singapore edition! by Hefen

Hefen works in the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore and is attending #OneTeamGovGlobal. She tells us a little more about herself and why she thinks it is important for her to attend.

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#MyOneTeamGov — Luxembourg! by Steve Glangé.

Steve works in the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reform in Luxembourg and is attending #OneTeamgovGlobal. Here, he tells us more about what he does and why he is coming along.

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#MyOneTeamGov — New Zealand! by Kelly Bonner.

Kelly is attending #OneTeamGovGlobal as part of the D7 Digital Exchange programme and tells us all about why her colleagues are attending the event on the 16th July.

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This is #MyOneTeamGov by kim mclaren

Kim works in policy for the Scottish Government. She’s a weeknoter and sketchnoter to watch and talks here about finding people that inspire her.

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This is #MyOneTeamGov by Prateek Buch

Prateek coined the hashtag and gives us some of the background to the network in this brilliant first post.

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This is #MyOneTeamGov by Debbie Blanchard

Debbie is a Product Manager at DWP and helped to organise and run #OneTeamGovNorth which took place in March 2018.

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“This movement grew from a conversation. That’s all. And that’s everything” Debbie Blanchard

This is #MyOneTeamGov by Sam Villis

Sam is a regular at the Westminster breakfast club and is part of #OneTeamGovGlobal comms squad.

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This is #MyOneTeam Gov by Douglas Knox

Doug is part of the organising team for #OneTeamGovScotland and tells us how @OneTeamGov is influencing his work at the Forestry Commission.

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“It feels great to be plugged into a network that is so passionate about public service reform” Doug Knox

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