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DavidBuck at a previous One Team Gov unconference

#OneTeamGovGlobal is fast approaching, so we’ve asked logistics chief David Buck all the things we know you’ll want to know. If there’s something we’ve missed, please get in touch!

Hi David, thanks for talking to us.

Thanks for interviewing me!

So I’m coming on OneTeamGov Global on July 16th, what can I expect?

So for us OneTeamGovGlobal breaks down into four parts, three of which are in London at QEII on July 16th:

  1. The Forum
  2. The Village
  3. The Park

And the fourth is the next step: other events (maybe in other countries, maybe in the UK, but that’s up to you!)

So how is it going to work?

Everyone in the organising committee has some idea of what’s going to happen but because it’s an unconference we don’t completely know what the day will look like — but we are happy to go with the flow!

So let’s take each part of the event and break it down.

The Forum — the unconference

Standard — it’s an unconference right?

Well yes, but it’s with a lot of people! We will have 700 people attending the event, so we have (or rather, James has) put time into working out what structures may help us.

If you have been to an unconference before you’ll know how people usually pitch ideas that they want to talk about. The thing you will notice about One Team Gov Global is that we’re going to be doing pitching differently.

James is trialing a new approach at Civil Service Live unconference taster sessions, which is great and we’re learning things already. What we’ll be doing is something called 25/10 crowd sourcing from Liberating Structures and you can read all about it here.

As a participant all you really read to know is that everything still happens on the day, you will be asked to fill out a card with your pitch, you will swap your card and other people’s cards, and then we will ask you to total the score on the cards. From that, we will start to build the grid and theme the pitches which will define what happens next on the day.

If you haven’t been to an unconference before you’re in for a treat! I still vividly remember my first unconference.

There is a heap of stuff in our OneTeamGov channel on YouTube from past events and Helen’s blogpost on the method and Clare’s blogpost on the joys of unconferencing and how it’s good to get away from speakers and listeners. That sort of tells you what to expect and I’m sure we’ll be adding things, and doing things slightly differently.

But we are lucky, global is not just going to be an unconference. I mean, why stop there?

What do you mean?

So it’s global, there will be lots of people for whom English isn’t their first language. In fact you’ll be able to know what someone’s first language is by the flag on their lanyard — admittedly we still need to source flags but or buy lots of coloured pens but we’re getting there!

So that’s something we are mindful of. We’re also mindful that some people have come a long way, not just from Scotland but a long long way and we want everyone to be able to connect, to celebrate what they do, so we’re offering a market place in the village.

All our very lovely funders will have a market stall and I’m sure they will be highly polished (he says suddenly remembering he needs to organise someone to pull a stand together) but we are also offering a space in the market place for attendees from other countries, to create a place so people can come and chat to you, if you wish.

It’s not going to highly polished, we are hoping to bring a printer that people can use, but again ,if not it will be out with the paper and pens (note to self need more nice pens).

And, what is The Park?

Well, you see, when we kick off the day we are going to be in a big room (it holds 700 people seated) though there won’t be that many chairs in at the start of the day, because we will be milling about.

And as I said people have come a long way, and may need time out from running and going to stalls in the marketplace or going to unconference sessions (note it’s very bad form not to go to your own session/the one you pitched).

So we’re offering a breather, and at the moment we’re really quite open to what that is, if it helps we’re thinking yoga, Lego, meditation and other things like that. Indeed if you have a thought or want get in touch then please do, the timings will be the same as the unconference in the forum, so any activity will be on for 45mins.

And what about the other events?

Well there are quite a few events on and around the time of One Team Gov Global:

International Design in Government:

We’re planning an International Design in Government conference

Civil Service Live, London:

We’re planning an International Design in Government conference

OGP Global Summit:

We’re planning an International Design in Government conference

No the other One Team Gov Global events!

Oh sorry I see! Well again we’re open to ideas, I know some countries are thinking about putting on their own events on the day and we’re really happy about that. What we can offer is adding them to the events page on OneTeamGov.UK if you drop us a line at contact@OneTeamGov.UK.

What about food on the day?

Food and drink will be provided, which has only been made possible with the support from our funders. Though we decided long ago that lunch was a must have.

What should I bring?

Bring an open heart, an energised mind, your best listening ears, and passion — oodles and oodles of passion. Everything else is entirely optional, unless you’re a lovely volunteer 🙂

How will I know if I’m a volunteer?

So before I answer that highly practical question I just wanted to make a massive shout out to the Volunteers: if there are any ingredients for success in an event having highly committed volunteers who will be willing to run to the shops to get me another ice cream as I sit pontificating on life with…

Have you taken that too far? How will I know if I’m a volunteer?

Oh yes sorry — massive thank you to the volunteers, if you need a hug at any point come and find me.

You’ll know if you’re a volunteer if you’re in the volunteer group chat, and if you’ve had an email from us about it.

Thank you. What time are we starting?

We start at 9am

Doors will open at 8.00am

And some volunteers will have been hard at it from 7am (possibly powered by ice cream).

And we finish?

We will be out the door and tidied up no later than 16:55

But that’s not really going to be the end, it’s not a finish. We are hoping (weather permitting) to go to the park round the corner to have a picnic — here

The volunteers on the day will help everyone congregate then variously go off to purchase food / drink. This is the informal bit #OneTeamRug (a rug is a type of blanket that you may sit on for a picnic). Of course anyone who isn’t coming to the main event is welcome.

Great, thanks David. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

(And with thanks to Debbie Blanchard for pulling this interview together)

Need more information about the day? You can find it here:

Anything we haven’t covered? Please get in touch via Twitter or by email

Look forward to seeing you there on 16th July!

Mmmmm, ice cream.

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