#MyOneTeamGov — Luxembourg!

A tea cup that says “Luxembourg, Let’s make it happen” used here with thanks to Anthony Zacharzewski

With #OneTeamGovGlobal rapidly approaching, we asked another of our international attendees, Steve Glangé to tell us why his is attending on the 16th July….

Hi Steve, what’s your job in public service in Luxembourg?

I recently joined the Ministry of the Civil Service and Administrative Reform in order to contribute my experience in innovation management and transfer, as well as change management, to enable the public service become more user-centered and solution-oriented in order to provide more accurate services to its stakeholders.

Why is it useful for Luxembourg to be at OneTeamGovGlobal?

We are looking forward to a lively exchange of experiences as well as mutual enrichment among peers.

What are you most looking forward to doing at OneTeamGovGlobal?

Networking and refreshing exchanges.

The Flag of Luxembourg with the One Team Gov logo and a quote from this interview

Are you working on projects that might be of interest to other countries?

Not directly as it’s too early but I’m in the process of streamlining the administrative process as well as preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities.

What challenges are you looking for help or ideas about?

Non exhaustively:

  • Changing of mindset among mindset among stakeholders
  • Instilling a service culture
  • Methods/methodologies for pain identification/definition and solution finding.

Want more info about One Team Gov? Find it here:

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And here:

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With thanks to Debbie, Joanne and the @OneTeamGov Global Comms squad for coordinating this piece.

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