#MyOneTeamGov — Singapore edition!

Singapore skyline with thanks to Jenny Vass

With #OneTeamGovGlobal rapidly approaching, we wanted to profile a few of our international attendees, this week, Hefen from Singapore tells us about herself and why she will be attending the event this summer.

Hi Hefen, what’s your job in public service in Singapore?

I lead Co-Lab, an innovation team in the Ministry of Manpower. Co-Lab is a multi-disciplinary team that combines design thinking, behavioural insights and data analytics to drive organisational transformation.

Why is it useful for Singapore to be at OneTeamGovGlobal?

Like many other governments, the Singapore public service is going through transformation as we drive digitalization and technological changes. We have had successes and failures along the way, in our journey to transform working lives and the ways we work and make decisions. We’re excited to share our experiences with fellow practitioners.

What are you most looking forward to doing at #OneTeamGovGlobal?

Meeting fellow practitioners, exchanging insights and learning experiences, getting inspired by others and bringing new ideas back home!

Singapore skyline, used here with thanks to Phil

Are you working on projects that might be of interest to other countries?

Yes, our projects range from redesigning enforcement and customer service strategies and interactions, enabling people to make more informed decisions to keep their workplaces safe, save for retirement, etc. across diverse service delivery channels.

What challenges are you looking for help or ideas about?

I would like to discuss ways to scale human-centric and data-driven policies and services alongside organisational change, and the opportunities and challenges involved in pursuing multi-disciplinary approach to drive change.


With thanks to Hefan for taking part, and to Joanne, Debbie and the #OneTeamGovGlobal comms squad for pulling this information together.

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