Not weeknotes

But a list of links to things I’ve read and found interesting this week.

I’ve only ever put these kinds of links at the bottom of my weeknotes and I’m never entirely sure how useful they are to anyone. But if racial and gender biases, feminism, mental health, agile working, user research, content design, AI and “stuff Estonia is doing” are your bag then read on — enjoy!

The below is a good starter about how AI algorithms have disproportionally shown or reinforced racial and gender biases…

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I love this piece by Matt Edgar about his reading around the use of AI in healthcare…

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“If we don’t know who is setting the goals for the machine, or how those goals are derived, how can we know if the intent is good or bad?”

A great piece about enabling access to talking therapies such as CBT for people suffering with mental health issues by Adaction and We are Snook

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Some obvious observations but put together make a compelling case for talking more time to think and rest, this post by Aytekin Tank advocates for “being lazy”

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I’ve seen a few posts recently about how the role of Product Manager has expanded, this provides a good overview…

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Kate Towsey is a real inspiration for me because she cares deeply about the operations side of conducting research. I can’t wait to see what comes from this #WhatisResearchOps project

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Really looking forward to seeing more from Alex over the coming year as he progresses his DPhil. This post advocates for getting the data right to improve services for users, “fix the plumbing”.

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A good overview about the “mature experiment” of service delivery, and where we go next, by David Eaves.

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“If you’re doing what you can to create a space where people are seen and heard as individuals, bringing people together and encouraging the best for those around you, we’ll be the better for it.” David Carboni

This is a no-brainer really but David Carboni brings the arguments together here well.

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“Risking failure and rejection is the exchange we make for our willingness to work in the open” Ben Holliday

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Feminism and fat shaming in this article from The Pool:

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A great Github repo full of links to articles on the subject of biases and discrimination in the tech indstry.

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The above 👆🏼 is an absolutely incredible resource, must read.

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“…Mental Illness was something my family didn’t talk about, and when they did, they talked about t like it was something that happened to someone else, and that it was something they should be ashamed of…” Wil Wheaton

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