Inspirations – super mega bonus edition

Art, design and illustration. A bit of fashion, and some other stuff…

I haven’t blogged my usual monthly design finds for several months. So in order to clear the decks here’s a round up of lots of stuff to close off the year. A little rainbow of inspiration (with some darker stuff at the end, for balance).


[Top] Cornelia Parker


Bcoodeadams / Kate Moros / Jordan Jameson / _fairy_cakes / Donna Wilson / Phillippa Rice / Giantrat / Stay at Home Club / Brookedidonato


Pete Fowler / Makersofmelaniecasey / sophostophos / Oliver Jeffers


Laura Sheldon / Janecabaretillustration / hillergodspeed / LF Markey / thehammo / Notes to Strangers


Mr Bingo / Stephen Wilson studio / Hattie Maud / Phillipa Rice / Norman Copenhagen / This is my picture of a restaurant in east London/ Katie Abey/ John Kelly Green / hokolo_london / Brookedidonato


David Shrigley / Phillipa Rice / Sunny Todd Prints / Gpez / Nelly Duff / 64 colours / Themeekshall / Rachel House / Lucialitman

Orange and yellow

Geoff Hargadon CIA Jealous London / _fairy_cakes / Laura Sheldon / Everydaylivingincolour / mrahayes / Happysocks and Stutterheim / Neil A Stevens / Jordan Jameson / Katie Abey / See Red Women’s Workshop poster / Vicky Lindo / Alice Patullo


WarwickJC / David Shrigley / Age of Reason / a picture that my brother’s girlfriend Pilleriin took in Iceland / Pete Fowler / Jordan Jameson / Notes to Strangers / Mr Bingo / Gruff Rhys / not sure where this elephant design is from / Brookedidonato / Danny Sangra / David Shrigley / Simone Massoni / not sure who did this / a photo I took in east London / Giantrat

Via Not the kind.

Till next time xxx

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