Quicknotes from One Team Gov Westminster Breakfast

Picking up the mantle from Jenny this week!

Jenny is away this week so I’m making some quick notes of our conversations at One Team Gov breakfast. These are quicknotes so they don’t represent the full discussion but give a flavour. Please come and join in the conversation.

“Should I volunteer to work on No Deal planning?”

Our dept has been volunteered to provide people to work on No Deal projects

People have been invited, I haven’t, but it could be an opportunity. At what point does the call to work for your country on something important become loud enough to leave a job you love to work on something else?

When moving people around we need to be mindful of skills and experience. The ask needs to be clear.

How do you get people working more openly?

  • Different kinds of working more openly.
  • Broadcasting info out is fairly easy for people to understand.
  • Working collaboratively can create noise for some people, how can you make sure people aren’t confused/overwhelmed?
  • Being open to spark discussions.
  • Grades of openness based on different “user” needs. What is valuable?
  • Blog posts are sought out by people but everyone live tweeting their day would be too much noise.
  • Trust and autonomy. Trusting individuals to make the decision.


  • What’s stopping us from having one email that follows us around everywhere
  • It would help to remove barriers and break silos
  • What are the things preventing this from happening?
  • What are the benefits?

One Team Gov Breakfast is held weekly at Horse Guards Road in London, except for next week when it’s being hosted Hackney Council, sign up here!


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