Want to write something for One Team Gov?

Have you been to one of our events and want to share what you learned, or is there something you’d like to tell the world about? Find out how we can help.

Some people using their laptops at One Team Gov Global

Hi I’m Sam, and I’m just a small part of the One Team Gov community, recently we’ve been running events and I’m really keen to make sure that we publicise a diverse range of people’s thoughts and experiences from those days, as well as exploring interesting topics with people across the public service.

I currently manage the Medium and Twitter accounts for the UK, and I thought it would be useful to write some notes for people about publishing to Medium and publishing to the One Team Gov publication for anyone who is interested.

Here’s the One Team Gov publication:

View at Medium.com

What do you need to do?

  1. Get a Medium account. If you’re here and you don’t have an account already you can click the M in the top left and sign up from the homepage. If you already have a Medium account, and you want to write for us then simply start writing! But don’t hit publish just yet.
  2. Get yourself added to the publication. Simply email contact@oneteamgov.uk or tweet @stamanfar with your medium handle (it will start with an @ sign e.g. @stamanfar) and I’ll add you to the publication.
  3. Add your post to the publication. By clicking the “…” in the top right of your editing screen. Select “Add to publication” and (as long as I’ve added you) you’ll see One Team Gov there, select it and send it for review.
  4. Get reviewed. Your post will be emailed to me. (n.b. This isn’t a stringent editorial control, it’s more so that I can be helpful, some notes on this below!) I’ll make some formatting changes or suggestions or small edits before publishing. The post will be displayed within the publication under your name.
  5. Ta-da! You’re published!
Stefan and Prateek writing together at a One Team Gov event

Some thoughts on writing

  • Use Headings. Medium has a headline and a subhead, you get these options by highlighting a word or sentence and selecting the big or small T that shows up in the menu. Make sure you use these as it will help when we share your post.
  • Include pictures. Pictures help to break up the content and help make it more interesting for people to read. Make sure that you include a picture a the top of the post so that it looks nice on social media when it is shared.
  • Think about your structure and length. Lots of people read Medium on their phones, so short paragraphs help people to read more quickly, if you have a particularly long post consider whether this would be better as a series of posts rather than one.
  • Be yourself. Medium and One Team Gov are less formal than you may usually encounter with internal intranet or website posts. Be yourself, make suggestions, ask questions and welcome conversations.

How I can help

I’ve been writing on Medium for 2 years so I can help you with any of the instructions above, but can also provide support for your writing.

Here are some of the ways I’m very happy to help:

  • Getting a Medium account, or, if you don’t want to get an account I can publish on your behalf.
  • Support with writing or structuring a blog post.
  • Proofreading or making edits including adding structure or photography.

Either contact me here by commenting below, or on twitter @stamanfar if there’s anything else I can do to help.


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