Weeknotes S7 Ep7



Just some short notes from me this week because my last weeknote was only published on Monday and I’ve also published 4 One Team Gov posts today (more on that later) so you might just get overexposure.

This week I’ve felt like I’ve got back onto track, work has come more easily again which is probably a sign that I’ve started to feel better after whatever bout of illness that was.

On Monday I was in Newcastle with the fourth cohort of our Local Leaders Digital Accelerator and it felt really good to be back in the room. I presented and set the context at the beginning and it flowed, so I was happy. The conversations were open, and I wished I could stay for the full two days.

I’m getting to a point where I’m seeing this course much more clearly as a product now, and that’s good, there’s lots of ideas and lots of conversation about how to improve it and what to try next, and I’m enjoying keeping us to our mission and vision.

I travelled back from Newcastle on Monday afternoon, a whistlestop after arriving at 10.30 the night before. I always wish I could spend more time exploring Newcastle because it’s lovely.

On Tuesday I WFH (worked from hairdressers) which I always find to be strangely productive (and its a great way to ensure that the hairdresser doesn’t speak to you). I wrote feedback for some of our alphas and had a long workshop with Egle and Adam to discuss it all. It was good to see it all coming together.

It felt good to get back into the office on Wednesday and I had a day of meetings and catch ups; a chance to speak more to Mark our new service designer, a coffee with someone from an AI product company with overlaps to some of our funded projects and a 1:1 / end of year conversation with Ben.

Egle had set up a board for our Alpha outputs which was similar to the one I’d done for discoveries. I was really pleased because I hadn’t previously been sure whether the rest of the team wanted to work in that way, so it was nice to see something I’ve done being taken and improved.

Eni came back from holiday in Japan and brought excellent flavoured KitKats which really made my day. Can confirm, these are excellent:

Peach Mint KitKat.

On Thursday I had another meeting-laden day; a retro about the local leaders accelerator followed by a catch up with my funded project Alpha to talk them through some of our thoughts and feedback.

I’ll be running an unconference at our directorate away day next week so I had a quick catch up about that, before grabbing lunch and heading straight into a review of our new fund prospectus to talk over some of the additions and changes so that we are being clear to teams about what is needed for upcoming Beta funding applications.

It was actually good to use the time in the meeting to enable people to read the docs and I kinda wish we did that kind of thing more often so that people can be (literally) on the same page. Then we had “movie time” something Linda and Becky in the team have set up to show some of their user research videos which I really enjoyed.

By 3pm I was absolutely pooped because I hadn’t had a break, but we had an important meeting at 3.30 to talk through each of the alphas and get approvals for our feedback and some direction from Paul, so I had to find some reserves of energy from somewhere for that. I think I managed it, thankfully I find the conversation energising.

And what else?

Well I haven’t written the post I had planned about the spotters guide to networks so that’s still on the backlog, but I have managed to get all of the #OTGWellbeingCamp blog posts published (3 x) and turned into a bloggroll.

You’ll find them all here (let me know if I’ve missed any!)

View at Medium.com

I’ve also written a short post about how people can get involved and write for us. I remember back in the day that I struggled to post because I wasn’t on the One Team Gov publication so this has instructions for how to join.

I’m keen to make sure that we represent diverse voices; this is something we haven’t been so mindful about previously because we have only had a few writers, and didn’t write quite as much or as often, but I’d like to be more mindful of it going forward.

I did a quick count up, looking at the most recent 55 posts. In total more were written by women, 38 in total, but that is swung a little by the fact that Nour and I post so much more than others.

We have had 17 posts by people who are black and minority ethnic, but again, this includes Nour and Prateek who are very engaged with OTG and have posted 16 times between them.

So I feel like I have a responsibility to do more and to try and reach out further. I’m going to start working out how best to do this, but in the meantime, if you would like to write for us please get in touch, I am very happy to support however is needed.

I have written a short guide about how you can write for us, which you will find here:

View at Medium.com

The Radical Futures work is coming along though I’m starting to get that awful “nobody is going to come to my party” feeling, as we haven’t received anything yet. I might need to do some more plugging next week and making explicit that people can submit anything they like (not just video).

If you’d like to get involved you can find out more here:

View at Medium.com

And what else?

I’m ploughing through a book called More Than Words which is teaching me all about my little boy’s autism which is good. And I found out this week that someone I used to work with has an interview at our department coming up, which I am very excited about.

And that’s it, I have to go and pick my little boy up now. Byeeeeeee!

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