Weeknotes S8 Ep4


Daria saying “I’ve been busy procrastinating all day”

Morning, well, it’s nearly afternoon now.

I’ve been a bit slow this morning. It’s been a varied week again, my nanny has been on holiday so I had to work from home on Monday and Tuesday to pick up the little one, and picking up work again later in the evening.

Then two days in the office, some intense thinking, positioning and moving stuff around, then public sector heroes drinks and a not so day-off day.

Anyway, what happened?

5 things that happened (more than 5 things happened)

  1. Work from home / write from home

On Monday and Tuesday I worked from home. My brother is staying so I haven’t had access to my little desk, and I tried to work from Stephen’s garden office. It didn’t go well, it was too new an environment and I had trouble concentrating, so I moved back into the house.

I spent the time working up my presentation for our upcoming round 3 launch event. We haven’t actually announced who we will be funding yet but we are already planning the day and getting to grips with what we want our funded projects to know. My presentation is about what we’ve learned from the round 1 project outputs and how to tell the story of your work. Its good to get some of those thoughts out.

2. Panelling

On Wednesday we welcomed our panel to MHCLG to our fund decisions workshop. We went through all of the shortlisted applications to round 3 and made some decisions about the recommendations we will be putting to the Minister next week.

It was a long day, lots of thinking and discussion, lots of explaining and different viewpoints, but this is the type of thing I love doing. It all felt positive, well facilitated and productive.

It’s exciting, and a good and varied selection of things that we plan to fund this time around. I’m looking forward to seeing how they pan out. No formal announcement on the decisions yet, we will be announcing this on the 22 October.

3. Public sector (or otherwise) digital (or otherwise) heroes (or just nice people) drinks

Thursday night was a lovely get together of people from across government, convened by Dan and I. It was good to speak to some people I know well (Jenny even brought me some cake, which was delicious) people I’ve never met, like Rae which was excellent because it feels as though there are a number of crossovers in our work that I hope we can follow up some time over coffee. I also saw some people I haven’t seen for a long time which was lovely.

4. Crash course

It’s Friday as I write this and I’ve just come off of a long call with the wonderful Nour. It’s occurred to both of us that our Apolitical session is happening NEXT WEEK, and that we’d better finish the presentation!

It’s shaping up nicely, and I appreciate Nour’s thoughtfulness on the subject, I think it’s going to be loosely structured, a nice conversation, and some different points of view. if you want to find out more then you can do below:


5. Bits and pieces

I printed some new stickers, more Be generous and a new one called Be more earthworm, based on Hilary Cottam’s piece at the Nesta Government innovation summit, and which was prompted again following this tweet from Sarah.


The Be generous ones will be coming with me to Ada’s list conference (which I have low level anxiety about and should really plan my presentation soon to stop this from escalating into a full blown panic).

I really loved this article that Marian shared:

I’ve been watching this series on the BBC about eugenics, it’s compelling, really difficult to watch, but hugely interesting context about some of the things we see today. Its a tough watch, but it’s important.


And at the other end of the spectrum, I started watching this series and had a little cry on the train, this episode is especially beautiful:


I was really interested in this article that Imran shared:

As I walked to work on Wednesday I passed by all of the protesters camping near Westminster and outside my work. When I got to work and had a conversation about it with come colleagues I nearly started crying. It was a powerful thing to see all of those people there and to understand how this is growing and gaining momentum.

The article above talks about how the movement is a white middle class one, that makes sense, and it reminds me again how important it is to bring different voices into the fold and work together to achieve.

This morning I wrote a quick (and late) blog post for World Mental Health day:


It’s about how lazy I am on Fridays, and how I need time to rest.

And on that note — see you next week.

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