Weeknotes S9 Ep2


A lovely cartoon bee.

It’s been a week. I knew January would be busy as we gear up for the upcoming National Leaders Forum, but honestly, this was not what I expected in my second week back.

Because so much is going on, and in the interests of keeping myself sane, I’m going for a new approach this week, modelled on Richard’s great post (though I haven’t answered all 20 things).

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1.Who or what inspired you?

I read a lot that I found inspiring, particularly Cassie’s post ‘How do we help things to die’ which was really really interesting and I went down a rabbit hole of reading other things afterwards.

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I’m collecting all of the things I’m reading in this Trello board that is open and you’re welcome to snoop:

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A screenshot of my Trello board.

2. Who did you work with in a different profession/team within your organisation?

I went along to a workshop with some of Glyn’s team, Prateek, and some of my old LDCU team about collaboration tools and collaboration more generally in government. That was fun.

3. What did you enjoy?

I really enjoyed a conversation with Convivio Delivery Manager Alice about the user research they’ve done so far, loads of the insights and ideas. I really appreciated how she explained things to me honestly and openly and humoured my questions.

4. What would you have liked to do more of?

I would have liked to do some more “big thinking” and I would have liked the space to investigate and get more into the detail of some aspects of this project that I haven’t been part of previously. The conversation with Alice was the start of me getting to a point where i can really make the most of that.

5. What do you wish you could have done less of?

Stressing about things and letting my impostor do too much talking. I had a really great afternoon of coworking with someone who was interested, enquiring, patient, and supportive — but my overactive brain read their approach as pitying and I convinced myself that they thought I didn’t know what I was doing.

I know that’s not true because I believe that the person is genuine. I’ve had to do a lot of work this week to resolve that and get my confidence back to… I dunno, something.

Psyduck knows all about stress.

Something sideswiped me this week and I found it quite stressful, but I did enjoy responding to the sideswipe with a pragmatic and organised response, that felt good.

6. What do you wish you could have changed?

The train derailment that meant I walked to the station only to come straight home again. I could have had an extra hour in bed.

The sign at my train station on Tuesday.

7. When did you make a personal impact that improved something?

I’m still reading things and keeping up with Twitter and things and finding things that might help out my old team the Local Digital Collaboration Unit. They may well get sick with me sending them things, but I hope I’m being me, making connections, and being useful — I think I am.

8. What did you learn?

I’ve been learning a lot about the National Leadership Centre team, how it operates, the relationships and ways of working. It’s been useful to see everything that is going on.

9. What did you experiment with?

Nothing just yet, but I have a few experiments up my sleeve. One of which I hope I can kick off next week.

10. What are you looking forward to next week?

I’m looking forward to GovCamp #ukgc20 tomorrow as I’ll be pitching a sticker designing session with @jukesie and I’ve got a fun pitch planned about telling stories (using The Tiger Who Came to Tea). look out for bonus #weeknotes next week including GovCamp, and possibly a separate one about my session (depending on how it goes!)

Getting ready for my pitch and session at GovCamp

[BONUS QUESTION] 11. What did you appreciate?

I’ve been feeling very lucky for Jenny and Morgan who have supported me in a lot of my impostor wobbles this week and patiently listened to my neurosis with compassion and patience and been super supportive.

I appreciated mail from Lauren who sent me a badge with my word for the year on it. I chose the word “gentle” as this year has some challenges on the horizon and it’s a reminder to be gentle with myself and those around me.

My card and badge from Lauren.

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