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Our publishing habits suggest that the movement is still growing, gaining momentum, and moving out of the Westminster / London “bubble”

A screenshot of the One Team Gov Medium publication

Last week I edited and published four blog posts for One Team Gov. Two were from the recent Ottawa unconference (a brilliant but very long post that we decided to split into two) and two were from the recent #OneGreenGov event in London (an attendee and a speaker).

This February we’ve published 7 posts in total, which is a big month!

You’ll find all of these on the One Team Gov Medium publication here:

View at

This is the most I’ve edited in a month for a while now, since July last year.

It got me thinking about how much we are publishing and how regularly, so I pulled together this graph that shows the number of blog posts published monthly from 2017 to now.

A graph of the blogs published since July 2017. We published our first in July 2017. There are large spikes in July 2018 (when we held One Team Gov Global) and June 2019 (this is post Wellbeing Camp and the month that we held Bureaucracy Hack)

Over the past couple of years we have noted that we seem to do much more work in the summer, and this is probably proof, with spikes in July 2018 (the global event was in July) and June 2019 (this was the Bureaucracy Hack).

Obviously, I’m taking a really London / Westminster-centric view because that’s where I’m based, and other events have happened around the world at different times, but the amount of publishing seems to reflect our assumptions from “the centre”.

However, with the Ottawa unconference before Christmas, #OneGreenGov and the Exploring Future Leadership workshops happening in January, this means we’ve hit a publishing peak really early in the year, which is exciting!

We published significantly more in 2019 than in 2018:

  • 20 posts over 2018
  • 59 in 2019, almost tripling our output.
  • we’ve published 96 posts in total since 2017
  • this means that last year we published more than half (61.5%) of our total blog posts since the beginning.
[Gif] A Clanger hugs herself and rubs her hands (paws? claws?) together excitedly.

I’m hoping that this shows that we’re increasing our output, more things are happening, so rather than One Team Gov slowing down (it sometimes feels this way) we are actually still gaining momentum.

I have also looked into who is publishing to see what we could learn from that, and did a (slightly crude) crunch of how many posts have come from Westminster / London, and how many from outside of that bubble.

I say this is “slighly crude” because I’ve included the wonderful Nour in our Westminster / London count even though she lives in the South West. This is because Nour has been a key part of our “core” team since One Team Gov Global.

Similarly, there are a number of posts that have been published, on behalf of other people, by One Team Gov members based in London. Where we’ve seen that, I’ve counted it as outside of the bubble, but this is open to interpretation.

Finally, we have published a number of bloggrolls, and these feature articles and posts from people around the world. For the purposes of this exercise I’ve considered the bloggroll as a single post and looked at the author of that post only.

A stacked bar chart shows the number of blogs posted and how many of these are London compared to blog posts by people from other areas. It shows that from May 2019 we have more consistently published posts by authors outside of the London / Westminster bubble.

You can see that since May 2019 we have consistently published posts by authors in “other” areas. So what do we mean by“other”?

Well, since the beginning, we’ve published posts from authors based in the following places:

  • Canada (10)
  • Leeds / North East of England (4)
  • Finland (3)
  • Scotland (2) and,
  • Singapore, Luxembourg, New Zealand, USA (1 each and around the time of the Global unconference).

I think that’s a good sign of power moving out of the central “core” (again read: London / Westminster) and into more localised areas where people are empowered to run and do their own things, which I think is excellent.

With the Nordic Unconference coming up we’ve made Janne from One Team Gov Finland an editor of the publication so that the team can publish and promote the event.

I’m keen to find more people who would like to be editors for the publication, so that we can continue on this trajectory. I’ve tried to make myself available to make sure that we can publish, but as we grow it becomes unsustainable to have only one person holding the keys. I’m happy to work with volunteers so that you know how to use Medium, and how we edit posts. So please get in touch.

If you want to write for the One Team Gov publication please just let me know, we are always happy to hear about what is going on and to help drum up attendance at your events. You can contact me here, via Twitter or have a read at the blog post below that tells you what you need to do to get published.

View at

This post was previously part of my weeknotes, I’ve edited and added to it for inclusion on the One Team Gov publication.

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