Weeknotes S10 Ep5

Half way through Ep 10 already!

It’s been an interesting week and I am tired. It’s Thursday night at almost 9 and I never write at this time because I’m usually thinking about bed by now. But in the morning I’m speaking as part of UX Bristol about The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

It’s been such a busy week I didn’t feel prepared, so I’ve been up here practising a little before they unleash me on a small portion of the world.

Gif the tiger pokes his head around the door

After I’ve done it we are going to the zoo though, so there a payoff; seeing tigers after talking about tigers. I hope there’s also cake and sandwiches.

At work, I’ve got into a good flow with husband where I am working full days on Tuesday and Thursday now, which is useful, because there is just so much to do. However this did mean that on Tuesday I spent 6 hours on video calls which is way way waaaaay too much. I ended up in bed at 7.30 because I’d not moved enough all day and felt achy and ill and fed up.

In fact, Monday to Wednesday were all a bit “chat heavy” with various different conversations and lots of context switching. I had conversations with:

  • @jukesie and with Stephanie at Citizen’s Advice about running design sprints; which was really useful and took my thinking a bit further along.
  • Jen at the Cabinet Office DATT team about the Cabinet Office Flexible working network and more.
  • two of the project teams I was working with before I went away to see how they were getting on.
  • people in my team for standups, catchups and long, brain-dumpy chats.
  • the One Team Gov Suicide Prevention event organising crew — more later.
  • One Team Gov breakfast people.

So by the time today came around I was completely done with calls and just wanted some alone time. Thankfully the applications closed for our COVID-19 fund applications at 5pm yesterday, so I spent the whole day scoring!

Actually, although it was hard work, it was hard work that I was prepared for, and not needing to go on calls was a relief. I had a couple of tiny office raves and read and scored, and moved about to my hearts content. Which was actually really needed.


Then tonight Dan and I held Public Sector Heroes drinks virtually and it was really lovely because I got to meet some people for the first time and the conversation was interesting, fun, silly and generally just very fulfilling. It made me happy to be back on a video call so YAY! Public service heroes — you all rock (though I am very sad I didn’t stick around long enough for a flasklife appearance… next time.

My trello reading list

Ugh, there are many things I dislike about this computer (wait, I promise this will make sense)

  1. It has now restarted itself 4 times since I got it
  2. It doesn’t always charge and often wants to do so on a flat surface, meaning that I need to sit on the floor and can’t use a riser
  3. I have different log ins for my work trello so I don’t have my reading list on this computer. Yes, I know it isn’t this computer’s fault, but it’s annoying me along with those other things so it’s lumped in.
  4. I read things on my computer and then I have to either transfer the link to another device and add it to trello or I forget to add it to my reading list.

So anyway, this is a very long winded way of saying I haven’t read much this week, but it is also a Thursday and I read a fair bit at the weekend so this might change.

It’s getting late so I’m not going to link it just now because getting the link is too much of a faff frankly. I want to go to bed. So, sorry *shrugs*

One Team Gov Suicide Prevention

Aw, I think I’ve said it before but the organising team for this are the best.

This week we’ve:

  • pulled together a massive list of possible speakers to go through which will inform our agenda
  • signed up 30 MHFAs to attend our breakfast takeover on 19 August
  • seen mental health and wellbeing networks across government sharing our work (and views of our blog post have increased by 3 times in the past week)
  • Debbie has drafted our code of conduct, and Paul is thinking about post-event care

There’s still time to sign up to attend any of the events as a volunteer here:

View at Medium.com

I’m so grateful for all of the generosity of the organising team and of those who we are contacting in charities and across government. It’s times like this when I feel very lucky that I get to do things like this (although I acknowledge that at the moment it feels like I have a bit too much on and need to work out how to manage that).

And what else? Well not much really and like I said I want to get to bed.

Happy Thursday, have a lovely weekend.

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