Weeknotes S10 Ep13


Hello and happy Friday. It’s blustery. Its a bit rainy. It’s definitely autumn now.

Gif: Winnie the Pooh on a blustery day

It’s been a pretty good week, no major issues or worries, some progress made and some good conversations. I’m not sure I’ve had any big feels or epiphanies this week, but lets start writing and see where we go.

Digital Government Conference

I stood in for May-N in delivering a presentation at this conference, which I mentioned last week because I included an xkcd cartoon in it.

I’m really glad I hadn’t realised that this was the keynote in the Local Government track because I might have considered whether that was a good idea. Anyway, if you’re interested the video is below for you.

I feel like I’m getting a bit better at doing this online presenting malarky though this provided a few difficulties. For some reason the beginning of the presentation I could hear someone else speaking — I think this may have been a member of the organising team not muted.

Then I had to use a tool called internet clicker on my phone to move the slides along, which I found really difficult because I wanted to use my computer. Also it has the downside that if you don’t use it (because you’re speaking) and your phone locks it take a while to reconnect and is a bit of a pain.

Both of those things mean I felt a little off my game, not quite as good as I’d hoped, so hurray for lovely people who messaged me to tell me that they thought it went well and my delivery was good. Thank you, you know who you are, and that was very kind of you x

C-19 funded projects

I joined a planning meeting for the Children’s Social Care demand project, and it was great to hear more about the work they’ve been doing and how they’re working with the Data to Insight Community (a community of Data Analysts working across Local Government in Children’s services data).

I really enjoyed talking to Alastair from east Sussex and Tom from Social Finance about community building for that network and it was nice to realise that over time working with One Team Gov, going to Copenhagen last year for the Community Leadership summit I know a fair amount about or have some useful knowledge and opinions about.

I saw and loved this tweet from Simon:


I also joined the first show and tell for Mid-Beds and Camden’s C-19 funded project about data exchange with the VCS (voluntary and community sector) which was really interesting and good to see progress being made in just 2 weeks since kick off.

My procurement woes also got sorted and our DOS opportunity is now live on the Digital Marketplace, which is excellent news.

You can find out all about our C-19 funded projects here:

C-19 Challenge: Funded projects

Old/new friends

Talking of Simon it was really nice to have a chat for the first time (I think) ever. Simon has been one of the people I’ve looked up to on Twitter and on here for the past few years because he always seems to talk a lot of sense, so it was nice that when we did finally chat I felt like I’d known him forever!

Atull joined our team to replace Guljahan who will soon be leaving us, so I had a 1:1 with him to talk him through some of the work we do (hope I didn’t download too much and scare him off).

I heard that someone I used to work with is moving on to a new team which is really exciting for them as they will be part of a “proper” multidisciplinary team.


Things came together for this, all of the team have been busy with various bits of work (not least Andy who edited all for the videos and re-recorded one with a speaker who had sound issues during the live event).

I need to move away from this and let the ripple happen, but there are still a few loose ends to tie, so this week I:

  • got all of the videos up on YouTube, ordered, and into a playlist. You’ll find that below:
  • finalised our questions blog post and published it:

C-19 Challenge: Funded projects

  • spent time sorting and editing this resources blog post:

C-19 Challenge: Funded projects

  • edited our feedback form, and,
  • emailed all of the above out to our mailing list in eventbrite.

Our attendee list stated that we had 933 sign ups, the email actually went to 901 people (assuming some people have inputted their emails incorrectly or have bouncebacks).

As I write this we’ve had 57 feedback responses, including 4 by email from people who couldn’t access the Google Form. That’s about a 6% response rate, not sure if that’s good or bad (data nerds please tell me).

But 57 data points feels useful enough, especially on top of the comments from the chat on the day. We will keep the feedback form open for another week and see what happens.

A message that reads “ripples” and is followed by a heart

I have been slightly torturing myself by looking for the negative feedback and of course there is some, it would be difficult to sign up 900 people and please everyone.

I think it’s important to read it and sit with the discomfort for a bit, though it is hard because as Nour said “feedback is always personal” but personal doesn’t immediately mean bad. So I’m also using the responsibility pie to help me understand what parts of that feedback are within my control, e.g:

  1. Things we didn’t forsee or prepare for. The things that are on us versus something that the attendee didn’t know even though we did advise them.
  2. Things that were “features not bugs” i.e we made a conscious decision to do it that way, and,
  3. Things where there’s a genuine opportunity to improve.

My favourite part of the feedback has been the question we asked attendees:

“What three words would you use to describe the event?”

It’s really lovely to see all of the answers coming in, and I’m going to share a sneak at the wordcloud (though obviously this is a point in time exercise using 55 responses)…

Wordcloud from respondents’ feedback, not sure why Inspiring is in there twice, but also includes, Insightful, Informative, Educational, Heartbreaking, Emotional, Depressing, Eye opening…

And what else?

Here’s my trello reading list this week: https://trello.com/b/BBJ726mr/progress-bookmarks

A screenshot of my trello board

I liked this tweet by Andy:

And I really enjoyed replaying #TimsTwitterListeningParty

C-19 Challenge: Funded projects

Finally, I’m just going to leave this here:

Ok, byeeeeeeee.

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