Weeknotes S10 Ep 17


Hi hi! It’s been a busy week with a lot going on so I’m going to list out some of the things by days and then see if any insights fall out.


I wasn’t feeling well which meant I WFB (worked from bed) for most of the day. But actually the W in that is probably a bit of a stretch. I LACFB — looked at the computer from bed. I also bailed on the retrospective for our Children’s Social Care Demand project, but it was being expertly run by Michael so all went on swimmingly without me.

I had a good call with the inimitable Lisa J Jeffery though which was lovely.


Feeling a bit better, back at the desk at least.

  • 1:1 with May-N
  • Roadmapping with Michael
  • A great conversation with Rich at Cornwall Council — the first really useful conversation in a week that had many useful conversations.


  • Collaboration managers catch up which was nice to get the team together again as we haven’t worked together in quite a while
  • Joined Nour and Morgan’s apolitical workshop on Mastering Leadership: How to Lead in Government, for the most part this was actually about systems leadership and was really interesting.

  • A really lovely catch up with @jukesie (get well soon mate!!) which is always super good value, Matt helped me to clarify a few things about my current work. Shortly followed by…
  • A really lovely catch up with Cate who has been very busy doing lots of important work for Hackney but called me all the way from the Netherlands! Also it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to Cate and I didn’t think it was possible to forget how inspiring you find some people, but I totally had and I totally remembered that on this call. Despite being so busy Cate really helped me to remember why I was doing what I was doing and what my core beliefs are.


  • A good conversation with Jon and Mark in our cyber team about some of the training they are designing
  • Weekly waffles, a good initiative that Michael started where we choose cards from one of his many decks and have conversations about interesting topics with the rest of the team. Its a really lovely way to let off steam while also getting to know one another.
  • A lovely conversation with Coco. Wonderful to actually catch up properly after knowing each other for some time (and through #weeknotes) plus really useful for my current work — thank you Coco!

  • Working with Maddie to talk about how some of our upcoming training project work will impact comms plans
  • Joined One Tea Gov (the afternoon version of our regular meetups) for just half an hour before little man’s bedtime, and it was really nice to catch up with people.


  • Joined the Liberating Structures Immersion session training. It was really nice that there were so many really lovely people there and I got to meet and speak with many of them. Unfortunately I had to leave early to do school pick up but definitely felt like I learned a lot in a short space of time.

Is that it?

Going through this day by day I’ve picked out the bigger things, but it feels like that doesn’t amount to much. I know I’ve actually felt pretty busy this week. Looking at my Trello I know I did much more than this, with lots of emails coming in, writing things up and doing a lot of thinking.

Trello: proof that I did more than I’ve written here.

I feel like I’ve spoken to enough people now to get my project really well evidenced.

Its been a good exercise in running a discovery project myself, gathering gathering gathering and then focussing down and pulling out the best stuff. It’s been interesting because although I’ve been thinking about it as a discovery I was coming at something from a couple of different angles and then at 11pm one night I sprang out of bed, confusing the crap out of my husband as I shouted, “it’s obviously user stories!” because I had been struggling to bring two part together, and it was clearly because I hadn’t articulated things properly and in a way to move things forward. Which just shows that even if you know these things it’s easily to sometimes forget one of the tools you need to unblock.

I’ve also got a really clear idea about a roadmap now, so by next week should all come together so that I can show it to the rest of the team.

I also did more lings like review blog posts and review stuff for people this week, which is the small stuff that you don’t tend to think about because it doesn’t feel very substantial, but that takes a lot of time.

I’ve also done some of the “over and above” stuff of One Team Gov work, responding to the team’s feedback on our “What we learned” blog post and getting that out on Twitter today. As well as reviewing, editing, and publishing 3 further posts which we will share next week.

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Anyway, I want to get this finished tonight and it’s time for #HIGNFY so no deep insights today, just generally a good week (once I felt better), good people, interesting work, lots of learning.

See you soon!

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