Weeknotes S10 Ep 18

Longest series ever

Hi welcome to my week(notes). I wasn’t really happy with last week and I didn’t have the energy to write anything particularly interesting, but I think that’s maybe a reflection of this series going on for rather longer than I thought. I need a break really. So this will be the last weeknote for a little bit while I recalibrate.

This week has seemed busy, I felt like I’ve had to cram things in rather than have the space to actually do them properly. I had Monday off (after taking last Friday to do a Liberating Structures Immersion course), but taking a Monday off is weird and I felt like I was running for a bus all week.

And then, because I’m taking some time off from Thursday next week (a whole 3 days — woah!) I’ve also been trying to get things done before we finally kick off with the Community Engagement Playbook project.

This week was Sprint planning, show and tell, team retro, and collaboration managers meetings, that’s about 5 hours, which is a pretty big chunk. I’m not saying that because those things aren’t important, they totally are, but it did contribute to feeling rushed. Show and tell was Tuesday afternoon, I had to rush to get my stuff ready and then didn’t feel like I told the story as well as I wanted to.

I guess also it’s because I was talking about my recent project on training offerings and I wanted to give it it’s best chance of being understood and inviting useful feedback. The next part is really just getting it out there with a robust enough process that we can gage success or make improvements, and then more work in the new year.

The Community Engagement Playbook project (one of our funded COVID-19 projects) received it’s 4 proposals this week which needed to be read and reviewed ahead of interviews all day Monday, so I needed to work on reading all of them and reviewing how they score to prepare for the interviews. That’ll be all day Monday, and I’m looking forward to it because we have some good proposals.

Next week is another 3 days and I have them full up already with interviews all day Monday, a continuous funding interview for another of our projects on Tuesday, and an internal assessment on Thursday. So I think by next week I’m going to need some time off.

I had way less fun conversations with people this week though I did have some really useful conversations with Sarah and Andy. Sarah talked me through OKRs and how they are being used and made me start thinking about their use on a micro and macro level in organisations.

I also had another attempt at #SamsStickies which had way less uptake, but also some interesting things from conversations recently, so I’ll try a few more and see what happens.

I’ve rinsed the new Gorillaz album which has had me dancing in my little office, I’ve watched a documentary about Pepe the frog which made me sad, and I haven’t read much. But I did write this, which was fun:


And honestly. I’m out of steam again, but:

See you in a bit!

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