Nonotes 11/8–23/8 — Feedback.

Writing notes even though I’ve been offI’ve been away for a week and a bit of holiday, so there haven’t been any notes, but things still happen and life moves forward even when you’re on holiday.And now it’s Sunday, I’ve got Sunday dreads. Things are pinging around my head so writing them down seems like a … Continue reading Nonotes 11/8–23/8 — Feedback.

Weeknotes S10 Ep8

Three (and a bit) things.Where to start? Hello it’s Monday.I didn’t get around to my weeknotes last week and I didn’t get around to them over the weekend either. I think this is a signal that I have a bit too much on.My migraine persisted into Wednesday, striking with an aura and general confusion right in … Continue reading Weeknotes S10 Ep8