Inspirations – super mega bonus edition

Art, design and illustration. A bit of fashion, and some other stuff…I haven’t blogged my usual monthly design finds for several months. So in order to clear the decks here’s a round up of lots of stuff to close off the year. A little rainbow of inspiration (with some darker stuff at the end, for balance).Enjoy![Top] … Continue reading Inspirations – super mega bonus edition


Art, design and illustration tidbits[Top] Crispin FinnRico Gunson / Msaunders / Paul ThurlbySteveespoppowersBob and Roberta Smith / Cornish Beard DesignWheresmejumper / Normann CopenhagenRagonia_ / Julia BernhartHaus of BozA holiday pic that Jemima took in Dubrovnik and just one of many stunning photos taken by Ed Horsford in Iceland.Byeeeeee 👋🏼

Inspirations: July 2018

Art, design and illustration tidbits[Top] Pantone sweets by Lucia Litman (via Manrepeller).Nick Hamilton / Oliver Jeffers / Diana LecounteMatt BleaseThemeekshall /gpezMatt BleaseVicky Lindo / David ShrigleyWebcomicname t-shirts!! #yayMr Bingo / Jon Kelly GreenThe Sad Ghost Club / Lorien SternI’ve no idea where this came from but it’s made me giggle a lot.Till next time!

Inspirations: April 2018

Art, Design and Illustration tidbits[Top] ClortyCatCraftsColour: Katie AbeyColour: Rebecca StricksonColour: Ian Stevenson / Paul ThurlbyMore colour: Xenobia Bailey, US fine artist, via WomensArtYucky: Petri Dish Crochet by Elin Thomas via WomensArt/ ConnahColourful wool: both, JujujustNature: Kettles Yard taken by Vickyfa. The window was painted with chalk from the white cliffs of dover by the artist … Continue reading Inspirations: April 2018

Inspirations: March 2018

Art, Design and Illustration tidbitsTop: Lesley BarnesReds: Allisonfilice / Hillergoodspeed via Its Nice ThatYellows: Adam Highton / Feltmistress / Magda Archer via Jealous Gallery / smellvetica / Marco Oggian via Its Nice That (again)Pink: Thomas Burden / wutopialab_sh via LF Markey / Mr Bingo / Hillergoodspeed (again)Multi: NOW Gallery via take_it_to_the_bridgeWIP: I love this study … Continue reading Inspirations: March 2018

Inspirations: February 2018

Design, illustration and photography tidbits[top] Seb Lester. I love Seb Lester but I especially love him when he is being sweary.Not much colour this month. Maybe it’s because of all the snow…The inimitable Vivienne Westwood / slogan via Everydaylivingincolour / Tatty DevineAn amazing house via 4theloveoftoys / The Queen and Anna Wintour at London Fashion … Continue reading Inspirations: February 2018

Inspirations January 2018

Stuff goes hereQuite a bright start all things considered. Lots of yellow to brighten up a January. Or perhaps as a reaction to the grey…(Top/Bottom, Left/Right) Emily Coxhead, Wheresmejumper, via Fourth Trimester Magazine, the amazingly talented and brilliant Paul Thurlby, via Mother London, Donna Wilson and Katie Abey.A great little video via BBC Arts.Style shots courtesy … Continue reading Inspirations January 2018