Special leave in lockdown, Pt.2

Keeping some notes even though I’m not workingI started writing some notes about some of the things currently going on in my life during Covid-19, you’ll find Pt.1 here:Through weeknotes writing as a practice I’ve come to realise how writing helps me work through and process things that are happening.When I published Pt.1 I ended it … Continue reading Special leave in lockdown, Pt.2

Weeknotes S9 Ep13

Go! Team[Gif] A woman stands on the prongs (is that what they’re called?) of a forklift truck and does a little dance (wait, are they called forks?!) while a man drives it in a circle, the caption reads “When you and your team are jiving”NonotesLast week I had a break from weeknotes. There are probably a … Continue reading Weeknotes S9 Ep13