One Team Gov Suicide Prevention #OTGSP for #WSPD2020 — Our agenda

Picture: A graphic recorder draws at One Team Gov Global in July 2018.On 10 September, 14 expert contributors will join us to start the discussion about Suicide Prevention for #WSPD2020. Find our running order and details here.BackgroundWhen we started with the idea of creating an event for World Suicide Prevention day, I don’t think any of the … Continue reading One Team Gov Suicide Prevention #OTGSP for #WSPD2020 — Our agenda

Weeknotes S9 Ep5

This week has been mostly brought to you by looking under rocks and discovering all sorts of things hidden underneath them.A meme of a bearded man amongst some rocks with the caption “For a few weeks I’ve been living under a rock” to which I say, “Great, can you please return to your place under … Continue reading Weeknotes S9 Ep5