Weeknotes S?? Ep??

Don’t call it a comeback [1]This might be overselling it a tadBut first, an update.I needed to take a break from #weeknotes for a bit. I felt like I wasn’t being honest about what was happening, or how I was feeling. I felt myself being more cautious and more considered in everything… writing, reviewing, editing, rewriting, tweaking, rewriting, … Continue reading Weeknotes S?? Ep??

Weeknotes S2 Ep02

Cartoon physics.Overarching feeling of the week.That thing where Wile E. Coyote hasn’t fallen off the cliff yet because he’s still running in mid-air. That’s my week.I’m fairly sure that to most people I will have appeared in control but that is not how I’ve felt. I am over capacity. I am rushing. I am part time. … Continue reading Weeknotes S2 Ep02