Weeknotes S04 Ep06

Not bad.Not bad, Paul Rudd, not bad at all [1]Overarching feeling of the weekNot too bad really, a varied set of things going on which have been interesting. Meaty puzzles to grapple with (which I love). Some nice interactions and new people. That’s good.Some good non-work related news came in on Wednesday which has lifted my spirits … Continue reading Weeknotes S04 Ep06

#MyOneTeamGov rollcall

“By promoting diversity I believe OneTeamGov makes it more likely that the civil service will do right by citizens” Prateek Buch.One Team Gov is made up of proactive and enthusiastic professionals who care deeply about making government more effective, here are just a few of our stories…Reflections on #OneTeamGovGlobal by Mike RoseMike speaks eloquently about the work he … Continue reading #MyOneTeamGov rollcall

This is my #OneTeamGov, what’s yours?

Post-its for Lean Coffee at Westminster One Team Gov breakfastTaking inspiration from Prateek and Debbie to tell my story about why One Team Gov is important to me.I’m getting increasingly excited about the One Team Gov Global unconference, happening in July. I’m also incredibly proud to be part of the team creating the event which will … Continue reading This is my #OneTeamGov, what’s yours?