So what has One Team Gov actually achieved?

I’ve often heard people asking this question, sceptics and followers alike. Where are you going? What have you achieved? And after two years, I think it’s time to reflect on that question, and I think I have an answer…Volunteers at #OneTeamGovGlobal unconference, July 2018I first started attending One Team Gov Westminster Breakfast in summer 2017. I wrote … Continue reading So what has One Team Gov actually achieved?

Weeknotes S2Ep05

Oof, whattaweek!Overarching feeling of the weekA really varied, interesting, fun and insightful week which has pushed me well out of my comfort zone.AchievementsOnce I hit publish on this weeknote it will be the fourth blog I have published this week.This level of productivity around blogging is pretty unheard of for me and I’m hoping I can … Continue reading Weeknotes S2Ep05