Weeknotes S9 Ep9: SDinGov

Guacamole [1][Gif] A chef pounds up tens of avocados in a steel bowl using a huge masher. It doesn’t feel melodramatic to say that this is how my head has been feeling for the past few days.Hello, it’s Sunday and for the first time in a long time I am writing weeknotes on the weekend. That’s … Continue reading Weeknotes S9 Ep9: SDinGov

Weeknotes S6 Ep08

Bonus double feature!Well hello, happy Friday. How are you feeling?I’m reeling a bit after a whirlwind couple of weeks where I’ve been unusually busy, because of that there’s a lot to get through, so I thought I’d do a brief-ish breakdown of the week followed by some more detailed thoughts at the bottom.So what happened (Week 1)?Monday … Continue reading Weeknotes S6 Ep08