Weeknotes S9 Ep3

A busy week, but one where things start to come togetherA gif from the Simpsons that says “Everything’s comin’ up Millhouse!”Bit of a weird week that probably starts last Friday really. Because so much has happened I’m going to try and group things together under some themes.Before I start, here’s what I’ve been reading:A screenshot of … Continue reading Weeknotes S9 Ep3

Weeknotes S9 Ep2

Busy.A lovely cartoon bee.It’s been a week. I knew January would be busy as we gear up for the upcoming National Leaders Forum, but honestly, this was not what I expected in my second week back.Because so much is going on, and in the interests of keeping myself sane, I’m going for a new approach this … Continue reading Weeknotes S9 Ep2