Weeknotes S10 Ep14

The meltdownIt’s Thursday evening as I write this. I’m watching the programme on the BBC about the crazy hotel in Liverpool where everything is Instagram fishing. I started watching it the other week and it is exactly the kind of delicious nonsense that I love.A room in The Shankley hotel, with gold crushed velvet bed … Continue reading Weeknotes S10 Ep14

All the jobs I failed to get

Disclaimer: not *all* the jobsGif: From Flight of the Concords. The look at the camera and say “Why, Be more constructive with your feedback. Please.”Terence recently wrote a great blog post about all of the jobs he had failed to get, you’ll find that here:Unlike Terence, who presents a finite list of failures to us in … Continue reading All the jobs I failed to get

Weeknotes S3 Ep04

The one where things feel like they’re coming together [1]Overarching feeling of the weekYeah. A good week.*gasp*“Really Sam? Are you ok?”Well, yep, actually. There you guys were, thinking my life was all…When it turns out that sometimes, it’s totally like…It’s something I need to remember, some weeks are genuinely fulfilling and good. Reasons for it being good … Continue reading Weeknotes S3 Ep04